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I'm Jan! 
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This is where I share all things about simple, natural wellness for pets & the people who love 'em!  Savvy eh?
Throughout my journey I've learned many lessons & love to help others by sharing how I conquered fear, kicked stress & chronic pain to the door, all while aging gracefully.   I love spending time with my family and friends.  My two golden retrievers & two cats are constantly by my side.  I love riding my Le Cheval Canadien horse, acrylic painting, dancing, music, photography, gardening & who knows what is next!
The fun is in the journey!

You deserve a life you can be excited about! 
 Let me show you how! 

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I'm Passionate About

Wellness & Abundant Living!
and sharing tricks and tips
with my tribe of 'like-minded' folks!

if you are curious about

...how to get back in the saddle of life after being
hit with a hurdle, be stress free and find your 'zen-zone' again

...questioning the ingredients in products you bring into your home, barn or kennel
 and the impact they have on your family and pets

...thriving in your relationship others - not just surviving it!
 (that includes your equine relationship with your horse &
canine relationship with your pooch)

...through personal and professional development
...helping those in need, especially our furry friends.
"It's the Little Things That Matter" 



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Remember the good old days when people talked to one another?  Wasn't that fun? 
That's my aim - to bring more joy, laughter and power back into your life.  What would your life be if you were more aware of what really drove you to make the decisions you do?  If you felt more decisive, organized and focused, were continually progressing along your path and feeling good about yourself?  Learning something new can be stressful no matter what our age.  But here's the thing:  it can be exciting and beautiful at the same time! Getting stuck in a rut or staying in the past is no fun.  I'm here to help you but the first step is knowing where you are and where you want to go!  Let's hop on a ZOOM and chat like we are on the front porch swing! 

 Have you started your business  from home only to end up frustrated and overwhelmed with so much to do?  Do you have so many ideas you wish you could clone yourself?   Simple Savvy Solutions takes some phenomenal resources I have discovered that will simplify things so you can enjoy life AND create beautiful connections with others with the same values.  Becoming a "Brand Partner" with me is simple and not overwhelming.  See if it is the right fit for you! 
"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!"  Helen Keller


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Where I share wellness tips, recipes, DIY hack or bit of inspiration to help busy families & entrepreneurs with pets find sanity & balance, and make sense of living a clean & vibrant life in today's crazy world.  

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