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I help women ignite their inner spirit and create a savvy, authentic life of vitality now!

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  Helping You Achieve Authentic Wellness 


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Hey there!  I’m glad you dropped in!  I’m Jan Sattler, the Savvy Seenager -  that’s a Senior who lives the life of a teenager only with a tad more wisdom! I have been blessed to be thriving in retirement and doing what I love – filling my heart, mind and soul with doing the things I love most.
I’m on a mission to empower women to achieve their dreams, conquer limiting beliefs and create a life they truly desire, so they can thrive in retirement like I do.
For me this looks like time spent with family, friends, long walks in nature with my dogs, riding my horse, dancing, spending time in my studio acrylic painting, my music and embracing a life of living naturally.
I trod a crooked path where I fell into  a few potholes along the way ... 


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