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Hey there friend!
I'm looking forward to meeting you!
I'm Jan!
 I'm a Passion Catalyst for Authenticity
What's that? you ask...
Passion: strong desire for some activity, object or concept. 
Catalyst:  An agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action. 

I love to help others discover their authenticity and develop their personal, holistic roadmap for success.
Only when we nurture our whole self in mind, body and soul,
 can we let our whole self shine and achieve our dreams.

You deserve a life you can be excitedly passionate about.
Let me show you how! 


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Sharing  secrets to  help you become
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simple, authentic lifestyle you can call your own! 

It's time to start loving yourself.  
Live a joyful, fulfilled, happy life
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With over 3 decades of helping others discover their authentic self, choose a career they love or become an entrepreneur, people have discovered their self-worth, their value, and have realized that ‘to thine own self-be true’ is a guiding principle to happiness.  

Jan proves that the mind-body-soul connection is paramount to a joyful, peaceful and abundant life.  Experience has shown her that natural wellness, intuition and faith can generate a passion for life one never could have anticipated.
Jan is here to share the wisdom she has gathered by overcoming personal tragedies, embracing life-long learning and walking in  faith, so others may achieve the authentic lifestyle they are so deserving of.  



My friend, my vision for you is ...
My vision for you is:
for you to ignite your inner hero to become the fearless warrior you know you are 

to truly believe that the best is yet to be

to know deep down you can do anything, be anyone and have anything you desire.

All you need to do is be courageous enough to take the next step! 

Are you?


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