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I help women ignite their inner spirit to create a savvy, authentic-holistic lifestyle! 

Are you ready to become your own "Change Master" and take control of your holistic wellness?  Perhaps you are tired of all the constant changes in your life?  Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the daily choices you have to make or perhaps afraid of making the wrong decision?  Need someone to help you take hold of the reins and help you transition into your next phase of life by helping you connect with your soul's pathway? 
I'm here for you...Let's get you started by managing one of the biggest roadblocks that stands in the way of achieving your goals: FEAR   Live your life with no regrets!

I created a guide just for YOU, based on my own life experience of being afraid to ride my horse again after being trampled by a herd of horses.   Inside my guide you will learn the 5 steps you can use to kick fear to the curb and get back to doing what you love!  

  Helping You Achieve Authentic Wellness 


Does walking down the cleaning aisle in your local grocery store take your breath away?  
Are your pets sneezing, wheezing and scratching uncontrollably? 
CLICK ON THE IMAGE to discover the secrets to a healthy home, barn and kennel and healthy pets!  
My 'herd' can testify to their goodness! 

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Hey there!  I’m glad you dropped in!  I’m Jan Sattler, the Savvy Seenager -  that’s a Senior who lives the life of a teenager only with a tad more wisdom! I have been blessed to be thriving in retirement and doing what I love – filling my heart, mind and soul with doing the things I love most.
I’m on a mission to empower women to achieve their dreams, conquer limiting beliefs and create a life they truly desire, so they can thrive by living a life they love! 
For me this looks like time spent with family, friends, long walks in nature with my dogs, riding my horse, dancing, spending time in my studio acrylic painting, my music and embracing a life of living naturally.
I trod a crooked path where I fell into  a few potholes along the way ... 

Simple Savvy Living Podcast Series
Do you love podcasts?  Season 2 just launched!   
Grab the dog, go for a walk,  pop in your earphones and have a listen as Jan shares resources to help you create a simple savvy life while striving to be the best authentic YOU, YOU can be!


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