Jan Sattler is an Ontario-based Life Coach, Yoga Teacher (CYT)500 focusing on savvy living the natural way.
My Background 
I have always learned what I know by exploring, doing, learning and sharing with others.  From an early age it seemed people would always say, "Ask Jan" Those early experiences lead me down a path of becoming a certified counsellor/life coach during my corporate years and later becoming a certified yoga instructor (CYT500).  I love helping people live a savvy life of mind-body-spirit for total wellness.  

I believe that wellness is a daily practice of nourishing the mind, body and spirit.   Once it becomes a habit, instead of just surviving, one thrives as we are in a more balanced state.  My clients learn how to make small changes in their  lifestyle that create a compounding positive effect on their well-being and their family. 

"Yoga with Jan was fun.  I learned a lot and grew"  Carolyn M.
"Jan is an awesome teacher. Classes are small in size so we get lots of attention" Sil S.
"Yoga with Jan was very rewarding and fun.  Jan was patient and guided us safely in our poses".  Wendy P. 

Are you ready to get more balance in your life?


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