Let's Grow Together 
As We Strengthen Our Faith
Seek and Ye Shall Find the Life You Were Created For

Are you starting out on your journey of faith?  Or perhaps you have started and really want to blossom in your faith so the truth of God's word will anchor you through waves and storms of life? 

As women of faith we are strong  (just look at where you've been and what you have overcome so far!).  We have the power through Jesus to transform our lives and our world by making a difference.

Sometimes it's good to be alone to engage with God, yet God created us not to be isolated beings, but rather people who live life with others.   

When we are alone, single, widowed, divorced or perhaps moved to a new place and have not established friends or have no family, it's more important than ever to reach out and connect with those who have the same values. 
This group of women will lock arms with YOU and support YOU.  As a result, your spiritual strength will be elevated and it will help you build real relationships you can count on. 
Starting out we'll meet once a month to share what we've learned,  where we are stumbling and share truths that have opened the door to our spiritual growth.  Perhaps we'll just go for walks, gather for lunch at a local restaurant in the Simcoe County Area - the key is 'connecting in faith'.   

As Women at the Well, we have faith that God will guide us on our path for the purpose of finding peace and contentment while making the world a better place for our children, grandchildren and generations to come. 

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