How I Stay Healthy 
as a Savvy Seenager

Hi!  I'm Jan and this is my guy, Bertiume PalmerYankee 
One of the best things that ever happened in my life was making a commitment to get on the ‘wellness train’.  I had a concept of what wellness was and I was determined to find it.  I was fed up.  You see for years I struggled with chronic pain, wasting time & money searching for solutions. 

I’d get my horse ready for a show only to end up sitting beneath a tree crying in pain. Some days at the office I’d have to go and lay down on the floor in the file room to relieve the pressure on my neck.  I’d be in tears and exhausted from the constant pain.
True grit, perseverance and faith were my constant motivators.  I was determined to live a pain free life without pills and their nasty side-effects.  My saddle sat in the corner of my living-room waiting.  My horse was happy I learned to drive cart, but we both missed our quiet rides in the country.  It just wasn’t the same. 

I found the key – wellness wasn’t doing exercises every day; wellness is the wholeness of our body + soul + spirit.  When any one of those three are neglected, we begin to spiral down.  I soon discovered it was the same for my dogs, my horses and cats!  I was fascinated to see how strong the human-animal connection really was.    

Over the next few years, I attended many classes on naturopathic wellness, and became certified in holistic modalities.  I dug deep inside and tackled what I thought the unachievable by continuing my inner personal growth.   Re-framing what you used to believe, into a healthier lifestyle taught me some valuable lessons.  Failures were reframed into “opportunity to change” and many whom I’ve met on my journey, family and friends, have embarked on their own journey of awakening.  “To thine own self be true” is a journey upon itself.  We all have our quirks and they make us who we are.  (underline to link to Jan’s Quirks) 
The prayer, “Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference’ became my daily mantra!   Life became more harmonious – like music!   It didn’t mean struggles in life were erased.  What it meant was I had more tools to constructively tackle them with logic and intuition for the best outcome.
In fact, transitioning from 35 years in the corporate world was another teachable moment.  I continue to draw upon my knowledge and skills as a counsellor, employment specialist and project manager to help others succeed.
I am really excited to be able to connect with you and share what I have learned throughout my life’s journey. 
 You are worth it.  Your pets are worth it.  Your family wellness is worth it.  
New to essential oils?
Several years ago, I started using essential oils.  First on myself, then I noticed how my pets and horse started to react to them in a very positive way.  I’ve had so much success in using essential oils for stress, sleep, anxiety, supporting a healthy immune system, household cleaning, cleaning the whelping nursery cleaning for my goldens, tack cleaning and wellness for my horse and dogs, cooking and so much more.
I love the oils I use because they are safe.  I know the folks who produce them own their own farms throughout the world and distill the oils on-site.  They are the only company that has been in business over 25+ years and you can visit any farm to see for yourself how they plant, cultivate and harvest their organic crops.  I visited the Utah farm and can attest to this world-class operation and the quality of animal care for their dogs, cats and especially their horses.  In fact, the barn was the first place I headed to when I arrived there!   Touring the barns, greenhouses and distillery was amazing as I could see the safety protocols were in place and the many, many tests done on the products prior to being bottled – all to ensure safety for customers and their families. 
I can sleep at night knowing when I apply these oils to my skin, my family, my pets and why these oils can be taken as dietary supplements.   Knowing that Health Canada has proclaimed many of the oils and supplements as Natural Health Products gives one a grounding sense of security. 

Does non-toxic really matter?
Our world has changed so fast since the industrial age revolution.  What our grandparents did and what we can do know is so different.  Some of the most dangerous things we inhale, ingest or touch may not be what you think or expect!  If you are like me, you just went with the flow and what you were taught or even what a good friend refers to you.  Totally oblivious we use them on ourselves, in our homes, on our children and grandchildren and in our everyday lives.  Pet lovers use them on their dogs, cats and horses.  Just a little each day and over time those little things add up and could be the very things that are contributing to why we are sick, have health problems, struggle emotionally and why we are not living a vibrant life full of wellness, purpose and abundance.
Friends, I GET IT!  I’ve LIVED IT! Starting down a new, unknown path can seem overwhelming especially if you don’t know where to start.  There can be moments of doubt, but they can be conquered.  Please know I’m here for you.  Wherever you are on your current path we’ll meet and start there.  It’s not a scary thing, it’s affordable and you will have ease of mind

What's this cool juice all about?
I’m so glad I discovered this one!  It’s packed full of so much goodness and really helps with inflammation.  After one month of taking 2 ounces a day I felt like the ‘energizer bunny’ 😀  When your body is inflamed it can wear you down.  When inflammation goes away, we feel energized and ready to tackle any task.  I’ve learned so much on this journey about our body and believe me – our bodies are AMAZING!  
Hippocrates (our father of medicine) said, “All disease begins in the gut”.  That message is pretty clear – get your gut right and your whole body will thank you!  I’m so thankful for these wolfberries and antioxidants in this juice!   It was a game-changer for me, and millions of others agree!  You just need to try it!
Inside the CLUB you will find how we are using this juice in a 10 day Reset that is proving to get people back into the saddle of life!  It’s a big part on how I’ve overcome the fatigue I was experiencing due to chronic pain.  I can tell you others have their own success stories – even for their pets!

Here's How To Get Started...

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