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 Savvy Holistic Hideaway

Jan's on a mission to help you design and live an authentic holistic lifestyle by clearing the chaos out of your life and helping you live a life of purpose, passion and power. 

The Savvy Holistic Hideaway is a community where members work TOGETHER along with me to accommodate ideas and wishes for authentic wellness.  It's a place where members can feel safe and free to have fun, participate and invite others to join. 

Please help me shape this community into a valuable hub and help me provide a trusted and encouraging environment for others who want to simplify their lives so they can embrace joy and happiness and live a life deserving of their authentic self.  


A little about the group

It's PRIVATE and NOT on ANY SOCIAL MEDIA - How cool is that?

Group Rules:

#1  Be kind and Courteous
We're in this thing called 'life' together.  We  all want to create a welcoming and friendly environment.  Let's treat everyone with respect by using kind and encouraging words.  Why?  Because 'WORDS MATTER" 
Healthy debates are natural as long as we focus on the issue.  Kindness is required.

#2  Respect Everyone's Privacy
Being part of this group requires mutual trust.  When we share our experiences we have to know these authentic and open discussions make groups great, but they are also sensitive issues that must remain private within the group.  What's shared in the group, stays in the group.

#3  No Promotions or Spam
Give more of yourself to this group then what you get back.  Self-promotion, spam, and irrelevant links are not allowed.

#4  No Hate Speech or Bullying
Safety is the utmost concern.  Verbal bullying of any kind will not be tolerated.  Degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.

#5  Copyright
Information shared by Jan Sattler is copyrighted.  You can share it with permission as long as you provide the source of the information.  If you are sharing information from other speakers or authors it is expected you share the source of your findings.

#6  Disclaimer
All information provided inside this group is for information only, and not to be used, construed, or as a substitute for qualified medical or other professional advice.  It is NOT a substitute for therapy.  If you are currently receiving mental health support from a professional health provider (mental/physical/faith), it is imperative you keep following up with them as agreed upon between your provider and yourself.  Any advice received from Jan Sattler is for information purposes only.  They are  life-coaching sessions, wellness sessions or business sessions only.  

How will I access the group?
You can access the group (once you are approved to join) via your computer, laptop, iPad, or smart-phone.

Is there an app?
Yes there is!  For both Apple and Android.  You will have access to it once you join.  Once it's loaded on your phone you can access group events wherever you are at any time. 

Can I ask my friends and family to join?
Sure!  The more the merrier!  Just direct them to my website and get them to fill in the request to join. 

What if I want to leave the group?
We hope you don't, but you can leave at any time.

Can I be bumped from the group?
Yes you can  - if you join under false pretences or don't follow the group rules.   We want to keep this a safe place for everyone. 

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