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How did Jan start?  
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 I started out with the DewDrop Starter Bundle by placing my FIRST order on the monthly order.  Why?  I received monthly essential rewards that have increased to 25%, plus free products each month, (which comes in really handy for barn kits, cottage kits, travel kits, kennel kits and gifts!)      

 I learn by doing and exploring, helping my family and friends live a fulfilling  life since I was a teenager.  Those early experiences lead me to become a Certified Career Counsellor, then later obtain a Professional Life Coaching Certification.  I continue to combine my love of helping people live better with my love of helping them achieve their goals. 
Being a Savvy Senzes Member has it's benefits - more than an essential oil education, you get lifestyle tips and strategies that have helped many go from chaos to clarity, from frumpy to fun, and get more joy back into their lives! 

Now that's good value! 

I believe that a healthy life is taking care of mind, body and spirit.  Safe Essential Oils can help promote good health and the free Young Living essential oil education inside our Savvy Senzes Club is there to support you overcome many of today's health issues that are caused by a modern lifestyle.  Members learn how to make small changes in their lifestyle choices that create a compounding positive effect on their well-being.
My name is Jan Sattler. I joined Young Living as a distributor (#2454392) after researching the company thoroughly.  As a Business Consultant who lead a project that helped thousands of unemployed individuals become successful entrepreneurs, I was impressed by what I found.  A solid company, no debt, organic farming principles, pure, safe essential oils, multiple product lines and excellent customer support.  I'm a certified Professional Life Coach, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, EFT-TFT Practitioner and Spiritual Coach; as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher CYT500.  What I've learned over the years has delivered amazing results for me. I'm back riding my horse when others told me I'd never be able to again.   I don't even miss any of the old foods and lifestyle I had. The transformation in my life has been amazing and I continue to baffle those who know I'm a grandmother of 6!

Are you ready to change your life?


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