Do Your Kids Know When 

Your Cheque Comes In? 

It's like our two-legged AND four-legged kids are psychic!!  😆

And a bank account:)

Does Your Horse Know When Your Cheque Comes In? 

Every month they seem to know when the paycheque arrives!  They rip their blankets, throw a shoe or heaven forbid, they need the vet! 

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have money coming in every month to your horse's account?  

No more fights with the significant other about how expensive your horse is.

You can get the blankets, show saddle & bridle - complete with a great outfit for yourself ;) 

OR that horse trailer with live-in quarters you've been dreaming about.  Maybe even that equine vacation you've had on the bucket list for a long time.  

Let me show you how I'm doing it ... shhh ... keep it a secret from my horse;)
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