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Your Greeter:  Jan Sattler  Independent Young Living Distributor #2454392

Welcome to our on-line health store shopping experience.  You are here because you need solutions.  Solutions to health and wellness issues or perhaps exploring a change of lifestyle all together.  I'd like to greet you personally and this video is one way to do it!   Watch the video below to hear my story of how I got here today.   Then follow through this page and follow the links into the store where you will be totally impressed with the multiple product lines we have.  

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ADDITIONAL BENEFITS:  Join the Club! By purchasing your first Premium Starter Kit as your first monthly order using my YL Distributor #2454392 as the ENROLLER and SPONSOR, you become part of my exclusive Savvy Star Club where you'll have access to some really cool master classes to help you on your journey AND be part of a growing, supportive and fun community. Learn about essential oils for people and pets, natural health solutions and so much more. 
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Canada    .


Basic Essential Oils
Includes our Natural Health Products
as Proclaimed by Health Canada

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Healthy Homes, Kennels and Barns
Ditch the chemicals in your home and notice the difference!

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 Chef's Delight!
Cooking With Non-GMO
Dietary Oils & Einkorn Products

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Skin Care
Shine from the Outside In &
The Inside Out

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Our Seedlings Are Precious Too!

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100% Natural Savvy Mineral Make-Up
Your BGF's will be so envious!

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For Your FurBaby
Dogs, Cats, Horses and More

Natural, safe solutions for itchy skin, dry spots, cuts, scrapes, burns and bites from those pesky insects.  Solutions for those traumatic times of fireworks, accidents and trips to the vet! 

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United States

The "Macey's" of Young Living
Where even your PETS are LOVED!


Essential Oils
 Singles & Blends


Body Systems
Take Care of Your Whole Body!

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Are Special Too!

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Our Little Seedlings Are Precious

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 Healthy Homes
Go Hand in Hand for Healthy Families

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Culinary Delight
For the Chef in the Family
Einkorn Products & Vitality

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Savvy Mineral Makeup
Your BGF's will be so envious!

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Skin Care
Glow from the Inside Out & The Outside In!

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Loving Our Furbabies Just Got Easier!

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Healthy LivingEnergize to Participation!

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                      CBD FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE

**Available for purchase by USA Residents

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Jan helped me transform my life from unhealthy to healthy with her comprehensive plan. I feel like I have twice the energy and am getting more done than ever now.  I feel like I have my life back.  Thank you,  C.M.

"I was eating fast food twice a day and had to drink 5 cups of coffee to make it through the afternoon. Thanks to Jan, I've changed my diet and lifestyle and now just have a little cup of coffee in the morning." C.M. 
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