Jan Sattler

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If you're like me, your animals are family. Whether in the barnyard or on your sofa, our animal companions are a big, important part of our lives!

That means I treat my winged and furry family just as I would my own when it comes to grooming, keeping them well and tending to them when they're ill.

From my years of experience in barnyards and breeding pups, I've compiled a guide that'll show you how to care for your own furry family naturally, just like I do--with recipes, how-to's and links to the products I can't live without.

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What you'll learn in my free Guide:

  • Identify & use safe natural solutions for your dogs, cats and horses
  • Proven, natural ways to keeps pests at bay
  • Preserve peace when adding a new pet to the family
  • Keep harmony in the horse herd when the new guy arrives
  • Must-haves for trail rides and hikes with your pooch
  • Make those car rides and trailer rides a calmer experience for all

About Jan Sattler  

Known as an explorer of life, Jan has explored many paths.  In her younger years she worked with veterinarians helping prep large and small animals for surgery, stood knee deep in barnyards during the cold of winter helping to get sick cows up and assisted in the delivery of calves, foals and sheep.  Jan was a breeder of registered Irish Setters and Golden Retrievers.  Animals have always been part of her life - dogs, cats, horses, chickens, ducks, birds, mice, turkeys, rabbits, hamsters and gerbils.  There was even a turtle or two!  She believes a home isn’t complete without a pet!  Jan’s family today includes 3 dogs, 3 cats and a horse!  

Retired from a 35 year corporate career, where she helped people find jobs or start their own businesses, Jan is now an independent business consultant and wellness advisor, and actively shares her knowledge with others to help them achieve a vibrancy in their health and wellness regimes, their businesses and their broods.

Jan applies her business consultant expertise to help other professionals incorporate essential oils and other natural solutions into their practices to enhance their client’s experience while also adding secondary income streams to their business revenue.  Farriers, horse trainers, equine massage therapists, veterinarians, dog trainers and competitors of all types world wide have benefited from adding natural solutions to their personal and professional lives as well as in their own homes, barns and kennels.

Jan’s ultimate goal is to help others discover a more natural path to wellness so they can experience an abundant, vibrant life achievable only by being healthy in mind, body and spirit.

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