I help women ignite their inner spirit and create a savvy lifestyle full of vitality
Empower yourself to make informed decisions about health & wellness.  
Topics on women's health, pet health, essential oils, natural modalities & women entrepreneurship.
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Are you anxious to start designing your own path towards a balanced life?  This 28 day program
is guaranteed to get you off to a quick start with some proven strategies to help you move from chaos
to organization, develop a healthy wellness routine and so much more.  
We'll work together to identify what you want, develop a plan of action, 
set goals, and support you along the way.

This is a growing supportive community for Savvy Spirited Women who are ready to break free from 
the guilt of putting themselves first.  When we thrive, so do our family, friends & even our pets!

In 2014 a trusted friend told me about this and I jumped at the chance.  One safe wellness kit for me,
my family and pets all in one!  Who could say no to that?

Join the regular Simple Savvy Living Podcast Series where we will explore 
strategies on how to keep life simple as we strive! 
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