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Hi!  I'm Jan Sattler and today I've been blessed with a happy retirement allowing me the time to do the things that nourish my heart, mind and soul.

I love acrylic painting, mostly animals.  Abstract  fulfills my need for freedom, whereas portraits continue to teach me patience.

Currently I'm painting  pet or animals portraits for family and friends.

When I'm not painting, I'm playing my music, writing and producing the odd song or two.

If you are curious to see what I've been up to keep scrolling ...


Jan's Art 


Jan's Songs 
Gifts from the Heart

Empowering Yourself to Live a Life of No Regrets by Example
I had a dream, to leave a legacy to my children and grandchildren in the form of song
and to share the songs with the world.
Do you have a dream?  Ignite your inner hero ... just do it!

(update:  Songs now on Apple iTunes!)

Written for my granddaughter, this song will take you through the circle of life of a baby girl to motherhood.  Dad's will want to dance with their daughters to this beautiful waltz. 

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"You Never Loved Me" follows the true country 4H factor of heartfelt, heartbreak, hope and humour! Based on some true experiences and we sure had loads of fun producing this fun Cha-Cha! 

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"Amazing Grace" - who doesn't love it?  My special rendition has been dedicated to a dear friend,  Robert "Croc" Young whose kind, generous spirit is with us today as we embrace  our faith, family & friends. 

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How I Did It...Sharing the Journey
From chronic back and neck issues to riding my horse again and living life! 

 CLICK on the VIDEO to hear my special message just for you!. 

We all have our quirks ... here's Jan's :) 

Jan's Quirks 

"Getting to Know You"...There's a Song About That!

Spider’s annoy me.  Snakes make me squeal!
Nobody comes between me and my first and only cup of java in the morning!
If I can’t find my food chopper I  cut onions wearing a helmet I cry so much! 
I love animals.
Golden Retrievers melt my heart.
So do kittens.
Horse nut…I love my guy! 
I had a blow torch under my kitchen sink once upon a time.  
I love to dance.
Country music…is there any other?
Well, maybe good country gospel too!
Keith Urban…M-E-L-T!  George Strait - Still King!
Kenny Chesney is not the only one with a sexy tractor! 
I meditate every morning for 15-20 minutes.  It works.
As a Certified Life Coach, I help others find the calm within the storm of life. 
I passed my 500 hour yoga teachers course with honors.  
I've driven combines, trucks and farm equipment.
I conquered my fear of heights by learning how to fly.
I love to garden when the spirit hits.  
My mint jelly is to die for.
Grateful my mom taught me how to can fresh veggies and fruit.  Everyone loves it! 
I hate sewing; my horse knows it and tests me constantly with ripped blankets!   
I love to crochet during the cold winter days I can't get to the barn.
I do my very best each day to stay healthy.
 My daily 'MUSTs" to keep me going:  Eat healthy, exercise, meditate, read, pray.  
I love the smell of fresh cut hay.  
I love the beauty of nature -
The Rocky Mountains, fields of wheat, flax & canola; the soothing sound of a river.
I have a pond and waterfall in my garden to remind me of the river.
On my bucket list:  canoe the Yukon River with my soulmate.
I love to paint – but not houses.  Been there done that. 
I prefer hand made gifts rather than store bought.  
I love to learn.  I never stop.
I love to share what I have learned with others genuinely interested.
Technology is my achilles heel - but I feel better after I curse!
I enjoy my happy hour around 3ish in the afternoon.  Especially when I'm surrounded by my pets.
I love sailing, kayaking – anything as long as it’s on the water.
Jalapeno peppers have no place in my kitchen!  Burn baby burn!
I love to bake when I’m in the zone!
I strive daily for balance but some days I go off kilter.  Those are "OOPs Days!"
 I’m ok with my imperfection - it’s so less stressful.
I plunk at the piano and guitar, preferring to sing, write and record songs. 
I love to laugh. 
I love to people watch.  
I have no time or space in my life for sexist jerks.  
I’m proud of my kids and grandkids.  
I love the new adventure with my new baby granddaughter; she makes the sun shine, the laughter and the love flow wherever she goes.
I wrote two songs and released three in June of 2019.
In July of 2019 my songs Ranked #1 for 3 weeks running on the local Reverbnation Country Chart!
My songs are being played on SPOTIFY & YouTube    who woulda thunk it? LOL
I’m blessed with my “Circle of 5”
I miss my Mom.  But I know she’s with me in spirit.
I know God exists.  And He continues to show me the way.

Now your turn ... be sure to connect!
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