Helping Equestrians Afford their Dream Horse
By making extra money at home.

Showing you how to get back in the saddle with a home based business!

Our business model is simply unique for the entrepreneur who wants to start their own home-based business! 

We begin by purchasing our chosen Starter Kit for our home, barn or kennel.  Instead of buying our items from the department and grocery stores at full price, we transfer that budget to our own on-line members store AND reap the 24% wholesale price PLUS up to an additional 25% we can redeem for free products.  The Essential Reward Program offers us so many free products we are able to share them with others freely and easily.  Once others try them, they'll love them too! Wholesale members and serious entrepreneurs quickly discover the benefits of the Monthly Essential Rewards Program are enormous! PLUS it gets you into our private Savvy Club and for animal lovers the additional Stable Critters Club.  These clubs contain classes, communities and so much more to help you along your wellness journey.

As a Savvy Shopper in charge of your own destiny, we simply make customer referrals to an Elite Online Shopping Club of over 600 world-class wellness products that include Natural Health Products proclaimed by Health Canada.  All wholesale customers shop direct – there is no middleman!  These products consistently out perform anything you will find in grocery stores, drug stores and department stores.  They are delivered sealed and safe right to your door thereby reducing your carbon footprint, fuel budget and wear and tear on your vehicle or your horse cart!  We won’t mention the stress of those long drives into town on a winter’s day!  BONUS:  it gives us more time training our horse OR if you are a non-horsey person, time to do what you really love to do.   

Our members love shopping here so much they order every month   How does this benefit you?  Through transferring what you buy now at grocery stores, department stores you simply buy from your own virtual store.  Members reap the benefits of up to an additional 25% off of the 24% wholesale discount PLUS they have access to monthly promotions that equate to hundreds of dollars of free product each month. That's a LOT of horse blankets!! 

In 2019 we be celebrated 25 years in business.   With 20 world-wide markets and doing over $1.7 Billion annually this world-leader company delivers first class, natural, therapeutic products that assure safety and overall wellness for you, your family and pets.  

Our global team of national equestrian competitors, veterinarians, and other pet owners work together to get the results we’re after.  We will help you succeed too!  Imagine – spending time with your horse AND making money at the same time as a Savvy Boss - but only if you want to!  Heaven on earth don’t you think? 

Our Products

We offer over hundreds of wellness products for both equestrian and horse:

Personal Care for the whole family. 
Weight Loss
Essential Oils
Horse Care
Pet and Animal Care
Pharmaceutical - Natural Health Products
Beauty and Cosmetics
Household Cleaners for home, barn and kennel 

We are proud to offer you world-class, therapeutic, safe, natural products that meet the highest of standards – and we can prove it! 

No parabens
No chemicals
No toxins
No formaldehyde

Our wholesale members immediately enjoy a 24% price break PLUS they can earn up to an additional 25% when they shop monthly PLUS loyalty gifts on months 3, 6, 9 and 12 PLUS free products through monthly promotions (that amount to hundreds of dollars of free product) PLUS privileged shipping costs (USA – FREE; Canada – soon to be FREE)   

This is so easy to do as you are just ‘switching stores’ – these products replace what used to be purchased at your grocery story, drug store or department store. There is no additional expense to budget for – in fact you will be saving money when you receive all the perks!

Same money only spent smarter!

Are you ready to get your horse and/or boost your equine performance? 

Helping You Grow

Do you have the glowing entrepreneurial ember inside of you? Ask about becoming a member of Jan's Savvy Boss Club. Be in charge of your destiny and enjoy the benefits of  long-term residual income for anyone who participates in the referral program, which in turn helps you cover the costs of owning your dream horse – or horses!  Or maybe pay for that dream equine vacation you've always dreamt about or that new horse-trailer with living quarters. Ask about becoming a member of Jan's Savvy Boss Club:  
Once we determine you are the right fit, you will have have access to immediate on-line training and coaching.
In Jan's corporate life, she lead a team who helped thousands of unemployed individuals start their own home-based businesses.
Jan will provide you with all the coaching you need to help you develop your business plan, launch and grow your business.
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