How I went from a stressed out, fed up corporate world mess to a fun, holistic, abundant semi-retirement helping others build an authentic lifestyle they only dreamt about. 


Before I got to where I am today, I went down the ‘superwoman’ road…married early, raising two very active sons,  doing everything, exceeding, balancing home life with career progression, sandwich generation, divorce, death of parents, starting out on my own again in the dating world (friggin’ scary!), losing a dear friend through a tragic accident, finding  love, becoming a grandmother, building and losing a dream faster than one could blink an eye, wondering how I could ever forgive what I couldn’t forget…
Eager to find peace…
Determined to not let the darkness take away my optimism.
Scared of travelling the road alone because I was fighting ghosts from the past that kept telling me “I wasn’t good enough” “I was stupid” “You’re a failure – you’re a joke!”  “You’re a woman – you don’t know anything!”
 You see words really do matter.  
Frightened of taking the wrong road …
Wondering if I’d recover from the PTSD after being run over by a herd of horses so I could return to the one passion in my life that kept me going – my horse.
Determined to tell those ghosts and toxic relationships to, ‘Take a hike!” because, I was worthy of a full, authentic life that was full of abundance. 
Frightened that the cancer marker discovered in 2021 would lead to Multiple Myeloma or Lymphoma after being diagnosed with MGUS.
Prepared for when anxiety strikes unexpectedly and being grateful for the supports I have especially my morning mantra of high – fiving myself in the mirror chanting “You got this, Jesus Loves You, God has your back!”  

Learning to fly, Social Platform Gurus & Lots of Flops!

Here’s the thing:  during my career I helped thousands of individuals find work in a job they loved, or needed at the time, or create their own business.  I lead counselling and business teams in our community and together, we created 4 successful Entrepreneurial Centres where the amazing staff helped thousands create their own businesses.  And I had an amazing tech-support team!!!
The shift into being my own boss post-retirement and dealing with all the social and tech platforms today was to say the least, one of the most stressful and discouraging things I’ve ever done in my life!  Even more than learning how to fly a Cessna 150 – but I did that and one of my biggest fears was fear of heights! So, I figured, if I can learn to fly, I can tackle the technology of building my own website! 

I had a few website platforms who did absolutely nothing to support their customer and I intuitively knew there was something better out there.   And I found the diamond in the rough so to speak.  You are on it right now! (if you are an entrepreneur searching for a site, contact me and I can give you a referral). 
As a result, here I am today – designing my own website, content, social media posts (still learning there!), writing informative lifestyle blogs, and dipping my toes into the podcast arena - still working on that one!   
Then I realized there was something missing.  The full connection of mind, body and soul PLUS the spirit that ties it all together.   I realized my faith was the foundation for a fulfilling life.   The realization that there has only been one self-help book for centuries and the link to it was missing.  That's why you will see quotes of bible scripture throughout my blogs these days.  I suppose it's an awareness that the word of God has been there to help us all along!  Whether you believe in a higher power or not, is up to you.  What you name your higher power is also up to you.  I call mine, God.  I'm truly grateful for Pastor Jay Davis at Mapleview Community Church for opening the door to a clear awareness of the true messages of the bible as every Sunday he brings it to real, practical terms for our everyday life today. Even my engineer, non-believing husband, has opened his heart to receive the message of Christ.  As  a result we are getting along so much better - and that's another story! LOL
Let's just say, I’m passionate about helping people find their pathway to happiness.  

Preparation for the flex is the key

I know I’m going to mess up some of the new social media tricks – like Instagram reels.  So what.  It’s not the end of the world   I’m learning.  Flexibility is the key.  So is a positive mindset and a sense of humour. 
 John 8:7  He said, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”  It was important for me to get the message to not be so hard on myself and cast stones or negative self-talk.   None of us are perfect.  Once we throw perfection out the window the simplicity of life can be embraced.  Learning to embrace my imperfections was a huge relief! 
I know I’m still getting there but I’ve learned to take it slower – I’m not going to miss my granddaughter’s soccer games or dance recitals, those afternoon rides on my horse or special family gatherings. 
I know I’ll have to re-record some of my botched webinars.  It is what it is.  Go with the flow! 
I know I’m capable of burning myself out – but I refuse to let that happen. “Superwoman reminds me to pace myself!”  and my Golden Retrievers remind me daily it's time to play! 

Be the candle that lights the way for others to follow...
I remind myself I’ve helped thousands of people over the past 35 years, and of the heartfelt thanks and hugs I have received from clients.  I pull out their cards and letters I received over the years to remind me of the positive impact I had on their  lives.    I have the wisdom, experience and knowledge to help people, but only if they choose to want to change their direction and ‘click’ the button and ask me to help.   I remind myself to make my goals realistic for me.  Just as I remind clients to make their goals realistic for them. "Patience" is my best friend and I embrace 'Patience' to allow for God's Plan.

Self-Discovery is like putting the puzzle pieces together and it's awesome...

I’ve discovered I am a 'Savvy Seenager' - a senior who loves life like a teenager only with a tad more wisdom!  One of the keys to wisdom is to keep your plans ‘loose’ and be flexible.  Life is a crap-shoot - you need to be able to adjust to the changes life throws at you.  By that I mean in mind, body and soul and live one day at a time.  And one more thing, learn to love saying, “No” – those boundaries are really important!  I've realized getting older means I'm growing - mentally, spiritually and heck, I'm even growing taller - even my doctor is surprised!  I tell him it's because I regularly use an inversion table - I like hanging upside down!  Have you ever seen a short possum? LOL  We all have our  'Arts & Quirks'. 

My cousin always said, "Pace Yourself" and I do...

I’m so grateful for the people I have connected with as I’ve learned how to optimize my business time so I can spend time with family and friends.

Each day starts with meditation and prayer and ends with gratitude. 

If I don’t walk the talk, I’m no good to anyone! 
It’s simple – step by step.  Just like a line-dance sheet!

Throughout the years I developed a reputation for 'telling it like it is" and 'teaching by guiding and showing"

No one likes to be told what to do.
They like to be listened to, shown, given options and let alone to develop their own path within the proven parameters of success.
Strategies, systems and guiding principles are available to support your vision. 

 As a coach & wellness advocate, I help you identify your needs, prioritize them, think of ways you can attain them, help you discover what is holding you back, develop strategies for success that resonate with your personality and values, explore the what if’s, and develop contingency plans for the times you will step in the potholes of life…we all do…it’s just better if we have rubber boots on! LOL  Finally,  I celebrate with you on your achievements! 

I’m able to do this because I have 35 years of experience helping others, have overcome more personal trials than one could ever imagine, yet I’m still here, happy, content, and passionate about my life.   I retired from the corporate world where I was a certified career counsellor and business consultant, helping thousands of individuals find work or create their own businesses.  In my final years in the corporate field, I lead counselling and business teams who helped thousands of individuals attain their career or business goals.   With over 3 decades of wisdom and knowledge to share with those who are keen to ignite the passion back into their life and achieve their dreams, I’m ready to help you, if you are ready to take the first step and reach out to me.   

In preparation for retirement I became a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT500) graduating with high honors,  a Reiki Master Teacher and  Holistic Wellness Advocate  embracing a Young Living lifestyle.  With their world class, multiple product lines of Natural Health Products and more, they  promote confident wellness in mind, body and soul.  
I continued my studies and I am now Certified EFT-TFT Practitioner, Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Coach and Certified Spiritual Coach.  Currently I am  working on Certifications as a Therapeutic Art Coach, Health and Nutrition Life Coach, EFT/TFT Master Practitioner, Relationship Coach, and more.  I am a firm believer that one should take care of the mind, body and soul in unity for authentic wellness and nurture oneself as naturally as possible. 

When I’m not helping others and writing lifestyle articles, I enjoy time with my family & friends, ride my horse, a Le Cheval Canadian named Yankee (LOL), painting, walking my golden retrievers, playing my piano, kayaking and I am an avid reader hosting the Savvy Book Club.  

What keeps me going?  My faith in God and my positive mindset.  They go hand-in-hand.  By sharing what I’ve learned and lighting the candle of hope for others to follow I’m living my passion and fulfilling my purpose.  

If you like what you’ve read so far and want to get started with my free online resources right away, check out one of my special ‘how-to’ guides or join my free on-line community.    

 "You are the master of your own destiny"
         - Napoleon Hill

Copyright Jan Sattler