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I'm on a mission to empower women, just like you, to become your own "Change Master" and create your authentic, holistic, soul-connected life path in order to achieve your dreams.  Wake up every morning to a life you love! 

Right you say, but who are you Jan?  Well...

During my 35 year career I progressed up through the ranks – finance, human resources, administration, certified career counsellor-life coach, and project consultant.  I loved my job as I helped thousands of unemployed people find work they loved or start their own businesses.  Throughout it all I raised two boys, looked after aging parents, experienced divorce and many other life crises.  My own personal journey helped me become aware of how to transform my worries, fears, anxieties and doubts into inner strength and power.  I realized after I retired, I still had so much to offer others, that I created the Savvy Life by Design Program where I have the honor and privilege of helping others become their own Change Master so they can create a fulfilling life both at home and in their careers.  

 Savvy Life by Design

The Savvy Life by Design Program is comprised of several on-line workshops that are truly transformational.   This Program is delivered through my private and secure website assuring confidentiality for all those who sign up for the program.  The first workshop to be released this year is the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge. 

 Over time,  I’ll be adding a wide variety of empowering workshops and I will continue to publish articles on a regular basis. I also have a network of other professionals who offer complementary modalities to help you with your overall health and wellness goals. 

 Also, I love essential oils and have taken many courses on the safety and usage of these golden little drops.  Be sure to subscribe here if you want to learn more about the essential oils I use to relax, focus and relieve the symptoms of many ailments that get in the way of living free of chronic pain!  I'll show you how to  use them every day to keep you and your family healthy – including your pets!  
My journey would not have been possible without my faith in a higher power, otherwise known to me as God.  I feel it is important to be open with you.  If you want to learn how to bring a higher level of spirituality, alignment and balance into your life and empower yourself to awaken your unique spiritual soul gifts, these workshops may be for you.   Some workshops may have references to the Bible and God’s Word, and some may not.  Simply read the outline of the workshop before you sign up for them to determine if it is the right fit for you. 
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I’m looking forward to helping you create a lifestyle of your dreams!
Coach Jan

 "You are the master of your own destiny"
                                                                                                                                    - Napoleon Hill

I will provide you with simple life skills and empowerment strategies 
that will help you move from chaos to clarity so you can transform your life!

Together we will:

  • identify your goals by discovering exactly what you really want & need to move forward
  • discover the roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals
  • create and develop a plan of action with attainable goals that will recapture your excitement for fulfilling life
  • and link it to the wisdom you gained from your life experiences to create a savvy lifestyle you'll love now and in your retirement years! 
  • provide you with simple easy tips and strategies you can use anywhere, anytime.
  • show you how holistic solutions are really the savvy ones for ongoing health and wellness

My wish for you:

-  To remember the fearless and fun-loving teenager that still resides  deep inside of you -

 you know, the one who was adventurous and explored the world! 

- Realize you now have a tad more wisdom and believe the best is yet to be ... 

- You can become your own 'Change Master' and become anyone you want to be, at any age.

- You can  have anything your heart desires and accomplish anything you set out to do.

All you need is the courage to take the next step!  

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