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I'm Jan Sattler, and today I have been truly blessed with a 'savvy' life I enjoy.  Life has been good and especially since retirement over 5 years ago.  I continue to fill my mind, heart and soul doing the things I love doing the most.

I'm on a mission to empower women, just like you, to become your own "Change Master" and create your authentic, holistic, soul-connected life path in order to achieve your dreams.  Wake up every morning to a life you love! 

 What does a savvy lifestyle look like to you?

Savvy to me, means Simply Satisfying!
It means time with family, long walks in the woods with my two golden retrievers, riding my horse, dancing, embracing my creative side of acrylic painting and music, and embracing a natural lifestyle of wellness  for all of us.  

It didn't happen overnight, the path was a windy one with plenty of bends and curves.  I fell into my share of potholes along the way ... it wasn't easy  ... but I got there and you can too!

Let me show you how...

 We all hit a pothole in the path of life ...

Have you started out on one path and then one day, life happened and you were directed down another?  Feelings of disappointment, confusion,  and perhaps a touch of fear and discouragement followed.  Yet when we look back in time, it was always for a good reason...

  Here's my story...

 My dream was to become a veterinarian.  I had worked as a vet tech after school and on weekends for a local DVM who said I'd make a great vet one day.  My heart was set on it... 

Then life happened.  I was a mom raising two very active boys, working full time job and always had a couple of side businesses of my own going to make ends meet.  I remember as a kid my entrepreneurial spirit was born as I sold candy from my little wagon to raise money to go on a school trip.  (My parents owned a grocery store and donated the goods for me to sell).  I learned many a lesson from those early ventures.

As a life-long-learner, it paid off, as my path lead me down a road where I would become a certified career counsellor/life-coach/business consultant helping thousands of individuals with their career paths and businesses with their human resource requirements.  Later I would  lead a team where we helped over 10,000 individuals start their own home based businesses.   

The next pathway led me to embracing a holistic lifestyle, learning natural modalities of Yoga, Reiki, EFT-TFT, Aromatherapy and more as the need arises in order to help others through Life Coaching

The biggest lesson I learned at a very young age was this:  no matter how big the pothole I fell in on the path of life, if I wanted to accomplish something it was up to me to do it in order to support my big  "WHY" of doing it - and that was to share what I learned to help others and make the world a better place.  
  And it all hinged on one thing - my own mindset.  If I set my mind to it, my true grit would get me through it.  I quickly became known as a 'trail blazer go-to-person'  in spite of my quirks!  "Jan always blazed her own trail!" or "Ask Jan - she knows"  friends would say, and if she didn't she'd know where to refer us too!   Little did they know it took a lot of praying along the way! 
My ingrained belief is simple: 
"Follow your dreams while doing no harm to others" 
"Have Faith" 

 "You are the master of your own destiny"
                                                                                                                                    - Napoleon Hill
When I started down the entrepreneurial path it was always for a reason.  Either I needed something extra I wasn't able to afford from the salary of my full-time job OR the opportunity was placed at my doorstep and I just knew I couldn't say 'No'.  I love my independence and now that I'm retired, scheduling my time my way is a priority.

I didn't relish the idea of returning to the workforce at all post-retirement.  I had no desire to put my life in the hands of someone else at this point in my life or be driven to follow others values for the sake of progress.  Nope ... not for me.

Before I retired I decided to prepare for what I'd really like to do.   The stress of working as a project manager on multi-million dollar agreements in the later part of my career had wreaked havoc on my health,  along with the passing of my parents, divorce and ongoing chronic pain.  In preparation for retirement, I became a certified yoga instructor with 500 hours of training (because Yoga kept me pain free and I was able to continue to ride my horse) and a certified Reiki Master Teacher, because Reiki helped me and helps others.  Both are natural modalities and toxic free.  

It seems a path was laid before me as a wellness advocate - empowering others to conquer their limiting beliefs about their ability to create a life they love - better health, vitality to enjoy life to the fullest, better relationships, more money, community involvement and so much more.    You were born a unique 'star' - and now it's your time to shine!

With over 25+ years of helping countless individuals create
 their own career path or business, I can help you...

  • identify your goals by discovering exactly what you really want & need to move forward
  • discover the roadblocks that are preventing you from achieving your goals
  • create and develop a plan of action with attainable goals that will recapture your excitement for fulfilling life
  • and link it to the wisdom you gained from your life experiences to create a savvy lifestyle you'll love now and in your retirement years! 

My wish for you:

-  To remember the fearless and fun-loving teenager that still resides  deep inside of you -

 you know, the one who was adventurous and explored the world! 

- Realize you now have a tad more wisdom and believe the best is yet to be ... 

- You can become your own 'Change Master' and become anyone you want to be, at any age.

- You can  have anything your heart desires and accomplish anything you set out to do.

All you need is the courage to take the next step!  

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