It stops you in your tracks.  Unable to move.  Sweat beads form on your brow.  Yet deep down it's a goal...a goal to perhaps ride your horse again, speak before an audience, perform or ask the one you have been dating for years to marry you...FEAR gets in the way....

5 Steps to Conquering Fear

Get access to a guide that helped me overcome PTSD and get back on my horse! 

Meet Jan Sattler

Hello Friend!
I have been blessed to be thriving doing the things I love doing:
enjoying time with my family and friends, riding my horse, walking my dogs, art, music
and most of all helping others - just like YOU! 

I'm on a mission to empower women to ignite their inner spirit 
to create a savvy, authentic-holistic lifestyle!

- Are you ready to become your own "Change Master" and take control of your holistic wellness?  
- Perhaps you are tired of all the constant changes in your life?
- Are you feeling overwhelmed by all of the daily choices you have to make
 or perhaps afraid of making the wrong decision?
- Need someone to help you take hold of the reins and help you transition into your next phase of llife
by helping you connect with your soul's pathway? 

I'm here for you ... Let's get you started....

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