What's In Your Cupboards?

My story began many years ago with chronic neck and back pain.  The pain so debilitating I had to lie down in the filing room to relieve the pressure on my spine.


It was no picnic.  The stress of chronic pain took a toll on my immune system.  My body was quickly reacting – from unexplained rashes, to digestive issues, to migraines.  The prescriptions the doctors gave me made things worse.  They would either knock me out (literally – I couldn’t get out of bed) or I’d be throwing up violently.  This was helping???  I think not.  I'd look up the prescription on the Health Canada Internet site and discover all of the side effects.  No wonder I was on my knees heaving into the toilet at all times of the day and night!   I’d throw those pills out knowing instinctively I was on the wrong path.  I was determined to find the right, safe solution. 


I was gifted a yoga DVD by my stepdaughter, and I began to do daily yoga.  It was slow going, but I started to notice a difference.  The pain was starting to subside, and the stress seemed to slip away.  All naturally.  Yet the inflammation was hanging on and I wasn't back to my old self full of vitality.  Where was the old me?  I wanted her back!!


Then along came a good friend who said, “You should try this, it will fit nicely into your natural regiment and we teach so much about healthy living”   So, I did.  I trusted her.   And so began the journey of opening my eyes to what was really going on in my environment.   


I began the serious exploration of what the heck was in my house, on the farm and at the cottage.    I started reading labels and going to classes.  I felt like I couldn’t get enough information.  I was a sponge wanting more!   The more information I found from reliable sources, the more shocked I became.  


I remember the morning I reached for my toothpaste – the label said, “If you accidentally swallow, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”   What the *&*^%???  (Yeah, I think I'm related to Annie Oakley! 🤣)  I dropped my toothbrush into the sink and went to my office and Googled every one of the ingredients.  This is what I found:


Alcohol, SD Alcohol, artificial flavoring, artificial food dyes and colors, Aspartame, Carrageenin, Chlorhexidine, Poloxamer 403, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Synthetic Glycerin, Fluoride, PEG-32, Pentasodium triphosphate, Benzoic Acid, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, Saccharin, Silica, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Sodium monoflourophosphate, Sucra-lose® (Splenda®), Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, Titanium dioxide and Triclosan.  All are toxic ingredients and can cause disruption of our endocrine system, organ system toxicity, cancer, and harsh irritation to the skin and unexplained rashes or hives.   Our brain and nervous system can be impacted by low doses.  This is for both adults and children’s toothpaste and mouthwash.   Take some time and look those ingredients up for yourself - it will be an eyeopener I can guarantee you!  Here's the kicker ... when I reached for the mouthwash it wasn't any better!!!


SCARRY?  You bet it was.  I took a step back and paused.  Now what? 



I went through every food item, medication, hair and skin care product, plastic container, and cleaning product in my home.  MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is bookmarked on my Google bookmarks.  I was TICKED OFF!  How could we be so misled and be so unaware of what I was eating, using, and feeding to my family and giving to my dogs, cats and horse?    I was relieved knowing when my boys were growing up, I preserved much of our food by freezing or canning organic foods (vegetables, fruits, and meats) we would purchase directly from local farmers or grow ourselves.   But the fact remained, I had no idea that I still had a long way to go.   


I made it my goal to let people know what a difference it can make to be FREE of toxic chemicals.   Whether they listen or not, is their choice.  I can honestly say since my house has been free of MSG, aspartame, food dyes, high fructose corn syrup and toxic chemicals in skincare and cleaning products my health and the health of my family and pets have taken a 180 degree turn for the better. 


Today, I cannot even walk down a cleaning aisle in the grocery store, nor can I stand the smell of burning ‘scented’ candles.  Don’t get me wrong  - I’m a romantic at heart and love burning candles – natural beeswax candles! 


Our health and the health of our family and pets is one of our greatest responsibilities in life.   When we don’t have the ability or knowledge to accurately assess ‘potential danger’ we will remain in unhealthy situations like stress, unhappiness, a constant state of frustration, poor lifestyle habits such as poor eating and exercise habits, and unhealthy relationships, which all contribute to poor health.  Isn't the goal of life to be happy?   


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