DIY - Yummy Dehydrated Liver Treats for Fur-Babies

I remember the first time I dehydrated food.  I was going on a canoe trip into the interior of Algonquin for the first time and learning how to pack my backpack.  My other half carried the cooking pots and pans, I carried the food.  I quickly learned how to measure, label and dehydrate fruits, meat and veggies and pack in order of the 7 days we would be canoeing and portaging.  Day one was on the top, day 7 on the bottom of the pack. 
That experience brought me to today.  I love to feed my animals all-natural foods but, oh yes, there is a but ... it can be expensive.  I’m always looking for a more budget friendly way to achieve the same results.  
I started to explore pet stores.  For a small package (85 g) of dehydrated liver the cost was over $12.50, yet liver in the store was only $3.50 and it would  yield 2-3 times more.   It was time to get my dehydrator out of the closet!
I had purchased the one I use in the video below many years ago on kiiji for $25.00.  It has no bells and whistles on it, just a plain, easy to use dehydrator but it works well for my dehydrated liver fur-baby  treats.   Today I use it as my designated pet treat dehydrator.   The other dehydrator I use for dehydrating veggies, fruits and meats for travelling was from  Cabela’s.

 I preferred one where I could add trays to it as my budget allowed.  Unfortunately, they don’t carry it anymore.  The best thing you can do is research and depending on how much you want to dehydrate invest accordingly.  
There are many different foods you can dehydrate for your pets.  Grass-fed Beef Liver, Calf Liver, Bison, Venison, heart, liver, lamb, chicken, duck, pork.  You can search for organic meats and grass fed which are healthier for your pets.   If you buy your meat from a local farmer even better.  Ask the abattoir to save the liver, heart and kidneys.  If you hunt well, you are well on your way to having yummy treats for your pets! 
When you dehydrate you are giving your fur-baby a single ingredient. There are no additives, colors or preservatives.  You are giving them a dried version of the meat or vegetable you have chosen and you know the source of the meat or vegetable.    
Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense organ meats there is.  Cats and dogs love them.  A piece of dehydrated liver is easy to snap into pieces and give it to them for a treat.  I especially like to use them as a high-level reward when training.
Some folks don’t like the feel of organ meat.  Yes, they tend to be a little slimy!  If you can put a worm on a hook or gut a fish, you can easily slice up these many different meats to make delicious treats for your cats and dogs. 
My two golden retrievers Amber and Riley,  love their homemade treats.  Watch  video to see how easily you can make nutritious treats for your fur-babies too.   Amber and Riley will attest to it! 

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