7 Surprising Benefits of Carrot Seed Essential Oil
The Surprising Benefits of Carrot Seed Essential Oil!

One of my favourite veggies is carrots.  Some folks love them, some tolerate them but we have to agree they are nutritious.  Not only are they my favourite for lunches and snacks, my horse loves them too!  They’re a great source of fiber, vitamin K, antioxidants, and more. But that’s not all carrots are good for.

The rich aroma of  Carrot Seed essential oil is reminiscent of Grandma’s backyard garden—sweet, earthy, and complex. My grandparents had a garden full of veggies and fruit trees that made my visits seem like a visit to your own private wonderland!  I’m excited to share the benefits of Carrot Seed essential oil and how it’ll bring joy into your life and maybe some comforting memories along the way.   But first, let’s clear up the confusion between Carrot Seed essential oil and Carrot oil.
Carrot Seed essential oil vs. Carrot oil
Some might assume these oils are synonymous, but they’re completely different.

  • Carrot oil is a carrier oil. It’s derived from the carrot plant and contains high amounts of vitamin A. Because it’s a carrier oil, the consistency is lightly greasy. 
  • Carrot Seed essential oil is produced by distilling seeds of the wild carrot plant (Daucus carota sativa). It features naturally occurring constituents carotol, alpha-pinene, sabinene, and beta caryophyllene, among others. The oil has a viscous but non-greasy consistency.
Savvy tip: Know what you’re buying! Some store products can be misleading. Make sure you’re getting pure Carrot Seed essential oil by choosing the only oil on earth backed by the Seed to Seal® quality commitment.
What are the benefits of Carrot Seed essential oil?
Care for some carrot seed oil? If you’re looking for hydrated skin and hair, a soothing massage for muscles and joints, a warm, woodsy scent, and something to help you through occasional skin irritations, your answer is a solid yes! See how this overshadowed oil sprouts magnificent benefits!
1. Treat your face. Create a moisturizing facial serum with Carrot Seed oil. Take an empty 15 ml bottle and add 10 drops Carrot Seed, 10 drops Copaiba, 10 drops Geranium, and 10 drops Tea Tree; fill to the top with jojoba oil. Use a cotton ball to apply a few drops to skin morning and night as part of your skin care routine to boost your glow!
2. Infuse your sunscreen. Add a drop or two to of Carrot Seed oil to your sunscreen before spending time outdoors. The sweet, woodsy fragrance makes your sunscreen smell delightful, and extra moisture keeps your skin feeling fresh during days in the sun.
3. Amp up the moisture. Add Carrot Seed essential oil to your aloe vera gel to soothe sun-irritated skin.
4. Apply to joints. Combine the following essential oils in an empty 15 ml essential oil bottle with an AromaGlide® Roller Fitment:
15 drops Carrot Seed
10 drops Basil
5 drops Frankincense
Fill to the top with V-6™
Apply directly to joints, then massage gently with your fingers.  Nice to have in your tote bag for after riding or exercise.  Equestrians:  if you've been doing a lot exercises that are hard on your horse's joints, rub some on theirs knee joints and hocks too! 

5. Create savor-worthy dishes. Add a drop or two of Carrot Seed Vitality™ (available in the USA Catalogue)  to spicy foods, Asian cuisine, or salad dressings for a twist on culinary classics.
6. Lather Your Locks or even your Horse's Mane and Tail. Create a DIY leave-in conditioner with this simple guide:

    • Use a 24-ounce glass spray bottle.
    • Add ½ cup deep conditioner, 2 cups distilled water, 8 drops Carrot Seed essential oil, 8 drops Rosemary essential oil, and 8 drops Cedarwood essential oil.
    • Mix to combine, then spray on wet hair after your shower. Carrot Seed’s hydrating properties will boost the moisture factor.
7. Diffuse this dewy forest scent. Carrot Seed is distinctly earthy with sweet undertones. It complements tart Lemon and candy-sweet Clove. Try this diffuser recipe in your home, cottage, barn or kennel:

Try it!  You’ll love it!   
What did you learn about Carrot Seed essential Oil?
Share your experience in the comments! 

(portions of this blog first appeared on the YL Blog) 
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