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Meet Jan: 
I'm living the dream!  Enjoying quality time with family and friends, travelling, and exploring new hobbies of painting and writing songs.  Riding my horse is one way I  reconnect with nature. Helping others create their chosen 'time-freedom-lifestyle' their way in order to achieve their dreams is a path I am gratefully destined to be on.  I'm what they call a very active "Seenager"!  A senior living the life of a teenager LOL!   Have you figured out what my theme song is yet?  (Hint:  Frank Sinatra's "My Way")
Years ago  when I was focused on raising two very active teenage boys and my rising career as a Business Consultant/Certified Career Counsellor-Life Coach,  I did the "SuperMom Thing".  You know,  the 'Indespensible Woman Syndrome" I was trying to do everything.  Do you ever feel like that?  Like you don't know where you can get your last drop of energy from?  Do you ever feel wiped out and strung out?  Well I did and I  crashed!

 I picked myself up, got back on track with some help and the love of God, family and friends and vowed never to return to that state again! The good news is I've found a better way to help others from finding the same fate.  A balanced personal-work life is possible!    Now I'm on a mission to help people live a more fulfilled, balanced life by empowering you with knowledge so you can have the freedom of choice to create a life of financial freedom and wellness.    Check out my FREE guide on simple steps you can take to start your journey to better health, energy, vitality to support your dreams!

5 Steps To A Healthy Life

We all yearn for a more healthy expansive life physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.  And it's ours for the taking.  We just need to empower ourselves to take the first step.  


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"I was stressed right out, overworked and totally out of balance.  I was a junk-food addict and not eating regular meals.  "You are what you eat" really hit home!  Thanks to Jan,  I'm a nicer person to be around - even my dog thinks so!  C.M.

"If you have the opportunity to work with Jan do it!  You will be inspired by her true life, and sometimes funny stories that will give you the motivation and encouragement to keep going!  Her straight forward guidance, resourcefulness and her teachings are great examples of how to build a successful business" Cathy G.


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We call it "Balance"  

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"  Helen Keller

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Jan Sattler,  Business Consultant. Canadian Gal.   Winters - Ontario; Summers - Saskatchewan.  Always available to answer your questions.  Text me at (306)801-7712.  CONTACT me - I answer my emails on Fridays. Join my CLUB  - as a member you'll have priority. 
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